Welcome to the new Midtown Mutts blog! I will be posting various things about pet related events going on in the Sacramento area, pet nutrition, behavior, training tips, and more. As a first entry, I thought I would take the opportunity to officially introduce the beagle pack, our two dogs, Darwin and Blueberry.

Darwin is a 6 year old, 15 inch beagle. His favorite place in the house is on my grandfathers old bear rug. He can be a bit of a brat, but always makes it up to you with his extra snuggliness.

Blueberry is a 4 year old, 13 inch beagle. She’s a bit of a baby, definitely a princess. When we camp, she just wants to sleep in the tent and at home, she would spend her entire day in my bed under the covers if I let her.

Now you’ve met my pack, my little family, the loves of my life and the mascots for Midtown Mutts!